Saturday, September 12, 2009

Cool Web Tool - Enlide IDE

Cool Web Tool
With Integrated Development Environment (IDE) the Developers create, share and reuse code for faster application development. This allows them to deploy on many different platforms much faster. IDE allows virtual teams to work together as companies optimize their existing computer systems and network infrastructure for group and personal collaboration. These fully-featured environments combine the best features of web-based conferencing and collaboration, desktop videoconferencing, and instant messaging into an user friendly intuitive environment. Documentation is standardized and code is peer tested, therefore more stable. The down side of this cool tool is that all the code should be shared with the Enlide community. Security becomes a concern. But how many times do we use Custom Off the Shelf (COTS) applications? If this application does not access sensitive data and has the proper authentication mechanisms, it is a go.

How Brains Make Moral Judgements

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Animoto .......

Animoto, the Robot and the House

Video is one of the most powerful learning tools because it engages multiple senses like the eyes, ears, emotion. It can captivate and hold your audiences' attention for much longer time spans than text books or other literature. Most people are visual and are less likely to forget a video as opposed to literature. Video is appreciated by all generations world wide so the impact of the research would be much wider in comparision to other forms of literature or media.

With the help of Robots we would have a well maintained house with a central digital repository of all major and minor house hold records and the recommended frequency of their related activities. Minor records would be regular house clean ups, shopping and automated payment of utilities.

Major activities would be professionally painting the house, repairing roofs, ensure the water, heat and airconditiong systems function properly. Winterize the house and conduct repairs when needed, remove carpeting and replace with wood floors with a faster turn around. It is easy to let these activities slip because they can be daunting. The robot, with no fear would repair that roof and etc which most definately increase the value of your house.